Delaware County Placemaking Seminar


Delaware County Planning Department

Project Summary:

Public Engagement Education, Delaware County

Cooperative event between Connect the Dots and Delaware County, teaching professional planners and municipal officials to use public outreach with a workshop component.

Our challenge was to organize a workshop for a diverse, broadly-skilled group. Here are some of the approaches we brought to the table:

  • Create worksheets and tools that are easily teachable
  • Teach basic engagement thinking
  • Encourage innovation and creativity
  • Bolster support for future engagement as part of larger process
  • Normalize community outreach


Delaware County Planning Department asked Connect the Dots to lead a workshop that taught civic leaders and community members about thoughtful and concerted public participation.

Most attendees were new to the concept of creative engagement and found it to be eye-opening.

The County reports that it is seeing the beginnings of a culture shift to better community outreach, resulting in better-supported projects and shorter timelines.


  • Helped community members become familiar with techniques and creative planning
  • Positive feedback from county officials about toolkits and format
  • Carefully-crafted groupings to enable conversation


Image courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Society