Connect the Dots is a stakeholder and community engagement firm based in Dublin and Philadelphia that brings together community and public sector partners to develop innovative and actionable solutions for our towns and cities.

We work alongside local collaborators & partners to craft insight-driven engagement processes that foster participation, build consensus, and re-imagine the future of our communities.


Our vision is to bring individuals and organizations together to co-design a better future for our cities.


This isn’t your one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter engagement process.

Here are the values that guide our work.

  • Creative: Our methods for engagement must evolve with our cities. We bring a fresh perspective that engages stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and increasing participation.
  • Inclusive: We believe in equitable engagement that allows citizens to participate in the design of their cities and spaces. We develop each engagement process in collaboration with local community stakeholders, giving everyone a seat at the table.
  • Sustainable: Complex problems require sustainable solutions. We work to find the right answer, not the right-now quick fix.
  • Insight Driven: We work with clients to clearly define success, and use data to measure long-term impacts.

A snapshot of our clients

Organisations and companies, big and small, and across sectors, trust Connect the Dots to design their stakeholder engagement and consultation processes

Case Studies & Partnerships

Navan Town Scheme

Engage local business owners in Navan town for their input into the appearance of the town

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Get Ireland Walking

Engagement process to enable a diverse group of stakeholders to feed into a national strategy

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Center City District

Engagement process on how best to serve the users of Dilworth Park

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Dinner At Our Place

Support and plug into the Philadelphia ecosystem of innovation

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Dublin Office

+353 85 8221869
The Tara Building, Tara Street, Dublin 2,
Dublin, Ireland

Philadelphia Office

+1 973 8205352
220 S. 40th Street
Philadelphia, PA, US 19104

Consultation, Events, Research, Strategy

Public Involvement Process

Key Stakeholder Management

Engagement Plans

Workshops, Focus Groups, Events

Strategic Consultation

Survey & Interactive Storytelling Platforms

Analysis & Reporting

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