Stakeholder Engagement for
Sustainable and Equitable Impact

Connect the Dots designs stakeholder engagement for impact. We develop tailored strategies and expert insights to help build cities, regions, and entities focused on the health and happiness of all citizens. All Connect the Dots work is informed by diverse perspectives, bringing a unique set of insights and learnings to any project we work on.

Connect the Dots believes in a world where citizens are involved in designing their cities and spaces. We know that the careful engagement of all voices, in a collaborative and thoughtful way, is critical when forming solutions to the challenges we are facing and to moving forward with confidence and trust.

Connect the Dots is based in both Dublin, Ireland and Philadelphia, USA.

We work with public and private sector entities to co-design with their stakeholders and enable inclusive, insight-driven decisions that drive equitable and robust solutions.

Our insights, best practice, and learnings thus far on engagement during COVID-19

Learn more about our insight-driven process that takes the guesswork out of stakeholder engagement

A snapshot of our clients

Organisations and companies, big and small, and across sectors, trust Connect the Dots to design their stakeholder engagement and consultation processes

Collaborators in Ireland

Collaborators in Philadelphia

Drive impact through design-led stakeholder engagement

At Connect the Dots, we use expert human insights and data-driven methodology to drive innovative stakeholder engagement and community consultation solutions for our client organisations.

We work with clients to bring their stakeholders together to…

  • better connect ecosystems around complex challenges
  • develop robust recommendations for new policies
  • feed into design briefs from public spaces to office spaces
  • design holistic briefs for RFPs and Tenders
  • collaborate to develop new strategies and action plans
  • strengthen their events and programming

In all cases we are mindful of high (or low) stakeholder expectations of this kind of engagement and manage risk accordingly.

Connect the Dots equips our clients to….

Reach the right people

Ensure all relevant stakeholders and voices are included

Ask the right questions

Uniquely give attendees a chance to have a say in the process by engaging them early on and taking on board their input in a way that manages risk and expectations

Drive insights

With a 360° understanding of your audience, get to the heart of the topic or narrow down the content to be as relevant and productive as possible

Design the right process

Leverage our innovative design recommendations and suggested formats that perfectly fit the data harvested from your audience

Drive participation and buy-in

Craft the right environment to bring your stakeholders together to learn about the topic of consultation and develop strong insights to inform robust future plans and solutions

Prove impact

Measure and easily evaluate the engagement process impact, ROI, and make further data-driven business decisions

Don’t just take our word for it….

Impact powered by Connect the Dots

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Engage local business owners in Navan town for their input into the appearance of the town

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Engagement process to enable a diverse group of stakeholders to feed into a national strategy

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Center City District

Engagement process on how best to serve the users of Dilworth Park

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Dinner At Our Place

Support and plug into the Philadelphia ecosystem of innovation

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