South Dublin Walking and Cycling Scheme

South Dublin Walking and Cycling Scheme


National Transport Authority, South Dublin County Council, DBFL Consultant Engineers

Project Summary:

South Dublin County Council in conjunction with the NTA and DBFL Engineers held a consultation
process with Connect the Dots for a walking and cycling infrastructure scheme in Dublin. It was seen as crucial to drive support for the scheme from the ground up in order to:
1) enable the project to be delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible,
2) ensure buy-in to the project and use of the new asset/infrastructure once in place.


South Dublin County Council worked with DBFL (the Engineering firm who provided the technical details for the potential scheme) who subcontracted Connect the Dots to design, publicize, deliver a tailored stakeholder engagement process, punctuated by workshop events. Community stakeholders and diverse interest groups were invited to attend the public consultation workshop. A survey, using Connect the Dots’ playful and accessible ‘Engage’ platform was conducted as part of the registration process to determine what the participants hoped to get out of the event and what topics they were most interested in discussing. The findings of the survey enabled Connect the Dots to design the workshop to be as relevant, productive and valuable as possible for all involved. The workshops were supported by clear and accessible worksheets that are created by Connect the Dots, based on insights from attendees and influenced by Design Thinking and Collaborative Planning methodologies.


  • Secondary School Workshops
  • Community Dinner-Charrette Event
  • Local Councillors workshops
  • Visual Identity, Communications, and Content Creation for use throughout the end to end process; from outreach to consultation to reporting back
  • Identified 6 main themes
  • Generated a report that compiled all findings, analyzed the results to lead to actionable insights
  • Increased sense of buy-in and trust generated having gone through our process that attendees said was different to any previous consultations they were aware of


Sept 2019 – February 2020


Working with Connect the Dots helped us to find out what a cross section of the local community were concerned about and interested in and uncover the brilliant ideas from the community to ensure this walking and cycling route is a success that is used by everyone and addresses the safety concerns reducing near misses and fatalities as well as tackling climate change by encouraging more walking cycling and bus usage. We would highly recommend CTD for any infrastructure projects of this nature. They brought their expertise in bringing people together to solve challenging issues and give people a voice.– Client: Wellington Lane