Our Work

We help to harness the full potential of your event by delivering an experience centred on your target attendees’ unique perspectives.

We produce tailored and engaging workshops, networking events, and conferences that have a strategic purpose and leave a lasting impact

What’s the strategic purpose of your event?


Connect the Dots & Native Spaces – Body & Soul Festival

10. Reusing Dublin Launch

Vacant Space Event & Launch Reusing Dublin – Reusing Dublin

9. change x

Change X Dublin Meet Up – Change X

4. Bluefire

Co-Create Your City! – Blue Fire Festival & Dublin City Council

Cause Marketing:

Helping companies strengthen customer and employee relationships by connecting their brand with a cause that resonates.

Civic Engagement:

Helping government bodies to bring together diverse voices across sectors and enable participation in decision-making.

Millenial Engagement:

Helping large corporations to personify what millennials are looking for and develop a personal understanding of future talent.

Talent Engagement:

Helping companies to attract and retain talent through working directly with employees to design events tailored to their wants and needs.

Community Engagement:

Helping you to engage local communities or communities of practice around a common purpose.

Target Audience Engagement:

Helping you to attract, speak the language of, and engage your target audience.

Thought Leadership:

Helping your company to host innovative and unique events to bring together key stakeholders around relevant topics.

Group Facilitation Course:

Facilitating a group is part science, part craft. We can learn how to make meetings pleasant, productive and purposeful. Dave’s facilitation skills courses have a dual focus of getting the theory-thinking right and getting the tools to do it well. Choose either a one-day introductory workshop (The Core of Facilitation), or an 8-week evening level 2 course (The Craft of Facilitation).