Under Surveillance – Goethe Institute


The Goethe Institute


To focus on the theme of data protection and privacy, in an ever-evolving internet age. We were aksed to host, with the Goethe Institute and the Project Arts Centre, a dinner and discussion with people from all backgrounds and different interests in this topic. The aim is not to find answers or solutions but to open up dialogue on this incredibly important and increasingly complex area.

The Co-created Experience:

We transformed the black box space into a minimal futuristic environment, with a large blnking eye staring at you from the far wall of the room as you walked in. Speakers kicked off the proceedings, including: Dennis Jennings, pioneer of the Internet as we know it, journalist Una Mullally, Renate Samson, Chief Executive of Big Brother Watch, and Edward McDonnell, Director of CeADAR Centre for Applied Data Analytics. After these talks we broke out into groups and documented everything on a live Google doc projected onto two walls in the room. Food, artfully crafted by Jennie Moran (Luncheonette), assisted in keeping people full of energy.


50 diverse attendees

7 key ideas to carry forward into future events on the subject

Increased demand for a follow on event


“We really like the holistic approach Connect the Dots uses – bringing very different kinds of people together, in an unusual way at a big dinner. We felt Connect the Dots were the right people – their creative design….how they made connections to extend invites. It was just perfect….a real eye-opener…overall just a great success!” -Client: Anne Klapperstuck, Goethe Institute