Co-Create Your City! – Blue Fire Festival & Dublin City Council

Co-Create Your City! – Blue Fire Festival & Dublin City Council


Blue Fire Festival & Dublin City Council


To facilitate a workshop to design city out of salvaged cardboard boxes. The goal of the client was to have an all-inclusive event that supports all heritages, cultures and communities in a space where creativity and imagination are free to roam. We wanted to enable festival attendees both young and old to imagine and craft their ideal, shared community spaces.

The Co-Created experience

With tons of cardboard boxes and a table full of craft supplies of every colour paint, makers, tissue paper, feathers, and glitter. For a few hours within the larger festival in Smithfield Square children and their parents created their own spaces. They imagined a city that was full of green space, art spaces, theaters, rivers, sweet shops, and more. We wholeheartedly agree.

The Results:

Over 100 families throughout the day

80 crafted prototype spaces for the city


“It was amazing to see families-both the parents and children immersed in building and interacting together. Creativity was alive, the young people really embraced the community concept and got stuck in. Connect the Dots were pivotal in ensuring all age groups were engaging, working together and sharing ideas ” – Client: Keren Jackson, Blue Fire Festival

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