Comcast ‘Town Hall’

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Project Summary:

Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement

Comcast approached Connect the Dots for an employee engagement effort concerning a new open space in the Comcast Tower meant for employee enjoyment, the Town Hall. The large space was constructed to be flexible for a variety of activities and events, and Comcast was interested to hear about their employee preferences for programming, space design, and engagement with the Town Hall.


Through a series of co-creation focus groups, community dinners and engagement surveys, all informed by pre-event employee feedback, Connect the Dots was able to generate a report on desired uses for the space and specific future events. Additionally, the process engaged and excited employees, and built a network of future stakeholders in the space, while generating anticipation for future programming and increasing employee satisfaction.

Connect the Dots conducted a company-wide survey (using CtD’s ‘Engage’ software) reaching high level of engagement and responses focused on Town Hall to narrow down topics for an end event, the ‘Comcast Family Dinner,’ aimed at enabling further co-creation of the recommendations from the survey.


  • Diverse co-creation focus groups with employees across Comcast HQ
  • Recommendations for employee-shared space
  • New collaborations, programming recommendations, and integrated actions across the employee network