Our Response to COVID-19

As experts in stakeholder and community engagement, listening carefully and engaging thoughtfully and consistently with our customers, clients and end-users has always been a key driver of our work. During the COVID-19 crisis and moving into the “new normal” over the summer of 2020 and beyond, this has become more absolutely critical. If we want citizens to return to work in our buildings, to use our public transport networks, to buy our products and engage with our services, to congregate in our public and private spaces, we have to consult with them. We have to develop an understanding of how they feel as this new reality unfolds. We have to ensure that week by week and month by month we can follow their lead.

Now more than ever, we value listening and collaboration as a driver of trust. We want to continue to build solutions that embed a sense of belonging and commitment in communities, where people know that their voices matter. This is how the most robust and resilient solutions are found: together.

Connect the Dots’ core offering focuses on developing stakeholder engagement tools and processes to enable insight-led decision making for public and private sector clients, including Dublin City Council, South Dublin Co Council, Accenture, the National Disability Authority and Meath County Council in Ireland and ComcastNBCUniversal, Independence Blue Cross, South Street Headhouse District, and Center City District Philadelphia in the US.

Through the COVID-19 crisis, Connect the Dots has been working to redefine the processes that drive this core work. As a result of restrictions on face to face contact on both sides of the Atlantic, we have translated our traditional in-person, end-to-end stakeholder engagement process into a robust, remote one.