Our Story So Far …

We care about humans

We care about humans and share a belief that fundamentally we’re all the same. With empathy and communication, we can meaningfully connect with each other. By having our voices heard, sharing ideas, and exchanging support, we can better comprehend complex challenges and together, make better places to live, work, and play.

How we started

We started Connect the Dots in 2014 when we met during our MA in Design Practice. It was through attending events aimed at connecting people around a common cause or topic that we noticed a one-size-fits-all approach being used over and over. Event organisers were pushing out events without considering what people actually wanted from them or how to really facilitate networking and connections; the louder voices were always dominating, and there were barely new faces at events. All this resulted in missed opportunities for networking and very little impact afterwards.

In the beginning

We tested an alternative approach: crowdsourcing insights from our potential attendees and then designing the event around these insights, down to the last, tiniest detail – to ensure an inclusive, enjoyable and productive evening for all. For our first event, 50 out of 50 of the invited guests came, and then they asked for the next one, and the next. Soon our attendees started to become our clients, asking us to apply the Connect the Dots framework to different topics and contexts

Two years later

We have a tried and tested co-creation process that gives purpose to events and inspires guests.

Our vision?

Together, with our clients, and our attendees, we aim to continue challenging ourselves to bring people and sectors together around topics that matter to them and make an impact.