WEcan! – Accenture Ireland

WEcan! – Accenture Ireland


Accenture Ireland


To reimagine an annually held event aimed at bringing together female entrepreneurs. It was an informative networking event, and an opportunity to encourage more female applications to the Leaders of Tomorrow competition.

The Co-Created experience:

Through our co-creation event planning process, we got to know potential attendees and understand what they wanted from the event – through meetings, surveys, and networking groups. Based on their feedback, the event was full of personalised chats with inspirational mentors, meeting like minded entrepreneurs, and sharing delicious food and ideas. In the end the room was full of people from each stage of the startup scene.

The results:

X2 Doubled number of attendees from last year.

X4 Quadrupled applications

48% Female applications

Countless connections brokered

300 people engaged in total

Business advice and guidance for 50 young professionals & startup companies


Gaining insights into the attendees beforehand and what they wanted out of the event made a huge difference. It was an event unlike any other we have done” -Caroline Burke, Accenture