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Connect the Dots is a strategic event design company,
focused on delivering high impact events through our distinctive co-creation process.

We believe in the power of co-created experiences
that help you meaningfully connect.

Unlike other event designers, we co-create.

This means we gather deep insights from the attendees
to design the content and format not just for, but with them.

Then, we take these insights and get creative.

The result is an event that is just what your attendees are looking for.

“Gaining insights into the attendees beforehand and what they wanted out of the event made a huge difference. It was an event unlike any other we have done”

Accenture Ireland

HOW WE DO IT: Our co-creation process



We gather deep insights from our attendees beforehand, bringing them along in the planning process. As a result, they become invested in the event weeks before it happens.



Tailored to our attendees every time, each event is a unique and dynamic experience that leaves a lasting impression. We curate interaction, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and spark innovation amongst our attendees.



The result is that the event attracts and engages your target audience, increases the return on your investment, and ultimately, provide you with a new understanding and personal connection with your attendees.

Our Services


• Mapping of potential attendees and influencers

• Deep insights into your target audience

• Analysis of the data harvested


• An event that resonates, tailored to your target audience

• Engagement before, during, and after the event

• On the pulse content, matching what your attendees cares about


• Detail-oriented and personalised event design so each attendees feels valued

• Creative end-to-end event production

• Dialogue facilitation via a unique mix of design and systems thinking methodologies


• Dramatically improved outcomes – in terms of attendance, sales acquisition or talent acquisition, and development of innovative ideas

• Enhanced reputation as a thought leader and a company who cares

Clients & Collaborators


Our Story

We started Connect the Dots in 2014 but really, we have been connecting dots for as long as we can remember. We met on our Masters in Design Practice. We both had attended many events aimed at connecting people around a common cause or topic, but noticed that such generic, one-size-fits-all approaches were not working – they resulted in missed connections, lack of engagement, and little impact afterwards. Together, we designed an alternative approach of co-creation – crowdsourcing insights from our potential attendees – to ensure we would create a unique, engaging, and meaningful event.

For our first event, 50 out of the 50 people invited came, as they’d been engaged in co-creating the event weeks before.  They asked for the next one and the next. Responding to demand, we soon ourselves branching out to different topics – from women entrepreneurship to sustainability, and for clients from Accenture to Dublin City Council.

20 events later, we have a tried and tested Connect the Dots process that gives purpose to your events and inspires your guests. We aim to keep co-creating customised events in order to bring people together around topics that matter.


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