Unlock the potential of your events and meaningfully connect to your target audience

Connect the Dots harnesses the power of data for event design – we provide our customers with the tools to attract attendees, the insights needed to understand them, and the perfect event design to maximise engagement and achieve the desired impact.

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Organisations and companies, big and small, and across sectors, trust Connect the Dots to power their events.

Make the most out of the events you’re investing in.

We get it, when it comes to events – the struggle is real. How do you stand out in an over-crowded space? How do you ensure your event both showcases your key messages and is also relevant to your target audience? How can you guarantee that quality leads will come to your event? And if you get them there, how do you then keep them engaged at it and long after?

That’s our bread and butter – to solve these challenges, we provide pre-event intelligence to public and private sector companies. What does that mean? It’s like market research but for events, providing actionable insights that enable you to make the most out of the events you’re investing in, for everyone’s sake!

Connect the Dots enables you to….


Reach the right people

Using Connect the Dots, ensure only quality leads and relevant stakeholders are in the room


Ask the right questions

Uniquely give attendees a chance to have a say in the event by engaging them early on in the planning process and taking on board their input


Drive attendance

With a 360° understanding of your audience, get to the heart of the topic or narrow down the content to be as relevant and productive as possible


Design the right event

Leverage our innovative design recommendations and suggested formats that perfectly fit the data harvested from your audience


Convert attendees

Move your attendees along your pipeline to becoming customers or employees by providing each individual attendee with a personalised and valuable experience


Prove your impact

With Connect the Dots, you can measure and easily evaluate event impact, ROI, and make data-driven business decisions

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